Casper Glow In The Dark 27"

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The Casper 27" Penny Board will keep you skating from day to night with a glow in the dark deck that charges in the sunlight whilst you ride. Cast your hover-board like glow on the pavement as you float by and enjoy some moonlit adventures in true Casper style. Perfect for the beginner guy or gal or any cruiser who likes just a little more plastic underfoot.


In true ghostly style, the Casper 27" Penny Board is complete with a glow in the dark deck with black detailing's. Built from the highest quality materials with plastic unlike any competitors, this board will keep you skating safer for longer. With the combination of high quality trucks and wheels this board will truly allow the feeling of floatation whilst you cruise under the moonlight.

Wheels and Bearings

Black 59mm 83A wheels complement the colours of your penny board. Made from high quality, chip-resistant formula, these wheels are designed to last, and give you smooth ride. With black and white Abec 7 bearings, every detail has been thought of, so you can speed away and roll with the good times.

Trucks and cushions

Black powder coated trucks further add to this boards ghost like abilities, with black 83A cushions. The high-quality aluminium construction of Penny trucks keeps your ride light, strong, while the cushions make sure you're ready to carve. Tighten them or loosen them to suit your riding style.


The 27" Casper pennyboard features black high tensile deck bolts to complement your set up.


- 27" Plastic Cruiser
- Classic waffle top non-slip deck
- Quality colour-coded Abec 7 stainless steel bearings
- Colour-coded high tensile bolts
- 3 inch aluminium truck with powder-coated finish
- 59mm, 83A wheels for a smooth ride
- 83A colour-coded cushions


- Lifetime manufacturing warranty